About DME21

DME21 specializes

in selling and providing durable medical equipment in which we carry and supply multiple product lines that serve to provide the highest quality while providing incomparable patient customer service and satisfaction.  DME21 is a BOC (Board of Certification/Accreditation) accredited and licensed DME provider.  We work with hospitals, physicians, medical specialists, chiropractors as well as directly with patients, to provide a comprehensive compliment of DME products.  DME21 is a full service DME provider with over 230 in-network private insurance companies, including Medicare (all 4 jurisdictions) and Workers’ Compensation DME claims.  In addition, we also partner with other medical business distributors and medical DME partners to provide a full line of DME products/services to patients across the United States.

DME21 is an industry leader in durable medical equipment with experience in not only providing and selling medical equipment, but also educating and providing the patient(s) with the best knowledge and resources possible.  We specialize in all types of orthotic bracing including LSO, TLSO, cervical orthotics, knees and any other extremities bracing as well as pain management devices, bone growth stimulators and other equipment needed to assist the patient.  Patients always come first at DME21 as we strive to provide the largest array and variety of products from the highest quality and proven manufacturers in the industry.  DME21 ensures that all products provided to the patient includes proper instruction, a comfortable fit as well as follow-up calls which helps lead to higher patient compliance and improves the chances of favorable patient outcomes and recovery.